The Bubble Bath Girls

London escorts offer a range of different fun times. Many London escorts are as playful as you are and they like to have fun. New ideas are coming up all the time, and the latest is the bubble bath party.

Dutch escorts have been offering bubble bath parties for quite some time, and they have always been very popular in Amsterdam. They are a very relaxing experience, and a lot of fun at the same time.

If you have never been to a bubble bath party with escorts, it might be an experience that you would like to try. Be aware that not all escorts offer bubble bath parties, so this is a special date that you need to book well in advance.

What happens at a bubble bath party?

If you have never been to a bubble bath party with escorts before it can be a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Normally, when you take a bubble bath at home you just run the water, and lay in the bath to soak. Escorts bubble bath parties are a little bit different.

When you arrive at the party you will be asked to take a shower. You will be provided with a lovely soft robe that you can relax in. The girl might ask you if you would like a drink, or enjoy a bottle of champagne in the bath.

Most dates like to have a bottle of champagne in the bath with their sexy companion. If, you are lucky you might even get some strawberries as well if they are in season.

First of all you will be able to relax in the bath with your beautiful companion. A lot of international business travelers say that they find this a very relaxing experience, and after a stressful day it might be the perfect option.

You will get the opportunity to have a nice chat, and drink some bubbly whilst the bubbles settle down a bit. It can be a bit difficult to explore amongst all of those bubbles, so whilst they are bubbling you can get to know your sexy companion.

Once you start feeling more relaxed, you can decide if you want to stay in the bath or have a nice massage. Most bubble bath parties include a massage and a lot of them have a tendency to finish really sweetly.

You will be given a choice of massage lotions, and aromatherapy oils, that you can choose in between. Clearly, you don’t want to choose an oil like lavender as it may cause you to fall asleep, and you want to enjoy the experience after all.

A massage means a full body massage so this is not for the shy and retiring type. Your sexy companion will massage you from head to two, remembering all the special parts in between.

After the massage you will get the opportunity to relax for a little while, and a lot of escorts do ask you if you would like to book more another bubble bath party.

Most escorts like those on do offer a full range of services, so instead of using the same service all the time, you may want to try one of the other services on offer, on your next date.

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6 Rules To Follow When Attending Wife Swapping Parties

Are you and your partner interested in trying wife swapping? If you are both completely new to the world of partner swapping and swinging parties, then it is important to learn as much as you can about this activity. In the following article we will look at some of the rules you should follow that will help make the experience of attending a swinging party memorable.

Go In As a Team

Swinging is a team game, not a solo affair and therefore, you should enter a swinging party as a couple and leave as a couple. Wife swapping is a lot more enjoyable and safer if both partners are happy.

Be Punctual

You need to ensure that you always arrive at the correct time to a swinging party. If you arrive too late, the party will already be in full swing and you may ruin the experience for others and make them feel awkward.

Be Courteous

The swinging lifestyle isn’t always easy and can be very complicated at times, as people are dealing with uncertainties and insecurities. It therefore makes sense to always be as courteous as possible and treat people the way you would want them to treat you.

Bring the Host a Gift

This really should not have to be said, but it’s important that when you attend any part, even a swinging/wife swapping one that you bring a gift for the host. If you are unsure what to bring, you could even just ask the host what they need or would like.

Dress Appropriately

Obviously you want to dress to impress, but it’s also just as important to dress practically and wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Bring along a robe as well as when you have finished being intimate, you may want to cover up quickly without having to get fully dressed just yet.

Be Hygienic and Healthy

You should groom and shower well before you head out to a party, as well as paying extra special attention to your mouth by brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash. Bad oral hygiene is a turn off and could ruin the mood of the evening.

No Always Means No

A fundamental rule of swinging it that no one is obliged to do anything they don’t want to and you have the right to say no, and need to act accordingly if someone says it to you. No-one expects an alibi or explanation, as these can cause unnecessary embarrassment or hurt.

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